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brand, its founder is from Canada and been living in Hong Kong for years. He is deeply connected to the Canadian wilderness and inspired by local culture from Hong Kong. Attracted by both the rugged landscapes and mysterious wildlife of Canada as well as the natural beauty and magnificent skyline from Hong Kong, we aim to capture the essence of outdoor adventure and empower individuals who share our deep appreciation for nature and love for outdoor activities.


At The WildMoose, we are passionate about providing high-quality outdoor apparel, gears, and accessories. Especially high quality long duration cooler bags for outdoor & breastmilk storage that able to keep cold up to 8+ hours. Beyond that we, however, believe in the power of outdoor experiences to foster a deep connection with nature and promote responsible practices. Our products are designed with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly materials and supporting initiatives that protect and preserve the natural world. we understand our customers' eager for being unique and different from others, thus, tailor made design from our clients are always welcome and our design team also launch our own Hong Kong design T-shirt regularly in tailored for the market needs.


Whether you're an experienced outdoor enthusiast or beginning your journey into nature, join us at The WildMoose to be equipped and inspired. Explore the beauty of the wild, embrace challenges, and make a positive impact on our planet. Visit our website to discover our product range and follow us on social media to stay connected with our community

is a Hong Kong design outdoor apparel

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